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At idea hub, we build collaborations between organizations and Boston University School of Public Health to accelerate innovations in population health and meet business needs.

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We are public health professionals who help companies partner with faculty experts to solve the world’s most challenging public health problems.

We initiate ambitious projects, incubate innovative solutions, and integrate those solutions around the globe.

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We offer access to world-renowned public health experts, unique research data, customized training programs, connections to 300+ public health faculty and 4,000 faculty across Boston University, and highly skilled graduate and doctoral students. Every collaboration is different—let’s discuss how we can meet your company’s needs.

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School air quality sensor
Success story
Can Cleaner Classroom Air Help Kids Do Better at School?: a Partnership with Boston Public Schools

When caregivers meet with teachers, they want all the details on how their children are doing in school: Are they making friends? What subjects do they need a little extra…

boston university school of public health
idea hub impact
A different idea hub impact: from Partner to Online MPH Student

The mission of idea hub is to form mutually beneficial public health collaborations with industry partners. Explicitly, to form a B2B relationship focused on the business and science of public…

BUSPH and Chicago Tribune partner to map heat risk in Chicago
Success story
BUSPH's Center for Climate and Health partnered with the Chicago Tribune to map heat risk and resources in Chicago

A timely collaboration between the School of Public Health’s Center for Climate and Health and the Chicago Tribune, facilitated by idea hub, resulted in “the most comprehensive maps available to…

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