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Public health. The world needs it now more than ever.

At idea hub, we build collaborations between organizations and Boston University School of Public Health to accelerate improvements in population health and to move your business forward.

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We are public health professionals who help companies partner with faculty experts to solve the world’s most challenging public health problems.

We initiate ambitious projects, incubate innovative solutions, and integrate those solutions around the globe.

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We offer access to world-renowned public health experts, unique research data, customized training programs, connections to 300+ public health faculty and 4,000 faculty across Boston University, and highly skilled graduate and doctoral students. Every collaboration is different—let’s discuss how we can meet your company’s needs.

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Continuing the conversation: Monkeypox — old Disease, new fears
Continuing the conversation
Continuing the conversation: Monkeypox — old disease, new fears

In late August, Boston University School of Public Health hosted a Public Health Conversation to discuss the current global outbreak of monkeypox virus (MPV), with a particular focus on how…

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Understanding how data can help inform a healthier world

With the ever-changing technological world, advancements in data science allow us to better understand how social determinants of health impact the progress of public health work, according to a study…

working to understand the needs of kids dealing with mental and behavioral health challenges
Success story
BUSPH researchers helps a mental health advocacy program for kids reach new heights during COVID-19 and beyond

Youth with unmet mental, behavioral, and emotional health needs disproportionally end up in the juvenile justice system either in the custody of the Department of Children and Families or incarcerated…

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