Have an idea? Collaborate with idea hub!

Working with idea hub at the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) enables companies to initiate new projects with transformative potential, incubate novel solutions that improve population health, and integrate those solutions around the globe.

How it works

idea hub exists to facilitate connections between businesses and external organizations with the resources and expertise of Boston University’s School of Public Health to produce groundbreaking collaborative research studies that push the improvement of public health forward.

The process is quite simple…

  • A company reaches out to us at idea hub with an idea or loose project plan
  • idea hub facilitates the proper collaborative connection with potential partners from both sides (business and BUSPH) 
  • The partnership goes through a BU ethics review, to make sure there is alignment between the two organizations
  • BUSPH and the partner agree on a project scope and timeline; the details are finalized and executed by both parties
  • Project results are published and publicized by BUSPH idea hub, for the betterment of public health and partners have results that help move their business forward

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