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Carlin Foundation Funds Innovation Grants: “You’ve got a great idea. How do you get it done?”

Over the past few years, and with generous support from alumni and friends, the Boston University School of Public Health has increased its seed funding for faculty-initiated projects that advance their education, research, career development, or practice. The Carlin Foundation Pilot Award for Public Health Innovation is a key part of that effort, as it is designed to provide a targeted, well-timed boost of funding to early-stage projects focused on infectious disease research, with the aim of eliminating health disparities in vulnerable populations.

The Carlin Foundation is a Canadian foundation “dedicated to improving health by supporting innovation in healthcare” and is led by physicians Dr. Marc-David Munk (SPH’99) and his wife Dr. Martina Stippler. Carlin has funded the annual pilot award since 2022, with recipients selected by a committee of BUSPH faculty.

Many of the pilot awards, including the one sponsored by the Carlin Foundation, are administered by idea hub, the innovation incubator at BUSPH that helps researchers think like entrepreneurs, with the goal of accelerating improvements in population health.

Read more about how idea hub is helping to get great ideas done on the BUSPH website.


Donors can help advance idea hub’s mission to accelerate improvements in population health in many ways, including by sponsoring faculty or student pilot funding for novel research ideas.

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