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A different idea hub impact: from Partner to Online MPH Student

boston university school of public health

The mission of idea hub is to form mutually beneficial public health collaborations with industry partners. Explicitly, to form a B2B relationship focused on the business and science of public health.

An unexpected outcome of a recent idea hub project with Ernst and Young (EY) was awakening an interest in a love of learning – a love of learning public health – for business consultant Malu Foley.

By day, Malu now works with SSI Strategy, working with a team of consultants, medical professionals, and healthcare leaders to assist biotech companies in developing therapeutics for various diseases. By night, she is now a student in the Boston University School of Public Health Online MPH program.

Despite initial concerns about online learning, Malu finds the program flexible and engaging. Her decision was driven by shared values and a passion for public health entrepreneurship. Through her journey, she exemplifies the intersection of business and public health expertise, bridging the gap between these two essential worlds.

Learn more about Malu’s journey here.


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