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Big ideas to solve big public health problems

Climate changes are toxic to human health. Mental healthcare is structured as a crisis-response system that fails to address the full spectrum of mental healthcare needs. Both of these problems…

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Why health data is good infrastructure

We need to strengthen and build robust health data utilities that can link and connect public health and clinical data systems. It makes sense to build these data utilities as public-private…

Bridging the data equity gap
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Bridging the data equity gap

New software makes it easier to report personalized health-study data back to participants, helping bridge a data equity gap. Health research depends on participant involvement, but participants are rarely given…

scientists use data to create modeling tactics to help manage Covid-19 treatment.
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Between the known, unknown, and the unknowable: How mathematical modeling of COVID-19 helped South Africa plan and shift scarce inpatient resources

Similar to many African countries, South Africa—the country where I work as a BU associate professor in global health—reported its first COVID-19 case on March 5, 2020, imported by a…