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At idea hub, we initiate projects with transformative potential, incubate novel solutions to public health problems, and integrate those solutions around the globe. See below for resources to help you move your ideas to reality.

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Resources for faculty

idea hub industry collaborations

idea hub works to find industry collaborators for faculty with specific projects and needs in mind. Have an idea? Let’s discuss how we might help. send us a message


idea hub Pilot Award Program

Idea hub is dedicated to creating an innovative space to meet our core purpose to Think. Teach. Do. for the health of all. Pilot funding is available in research, education, and practice, as well as targeted opportunities from industry partners. Pilot applications are accepted on September 1 and March 1 each year. contact us to learn more

Ignition Awards

The Ignition Award program is designed to help Boston University researchers bring their projects with commercial potential to the next level. contact us to learn more

Adapting your work to industry

Translational Research

Boston University offers a rich source of research, intellectual property, proprietary know-how, and novel methodologies. However, new venture creation can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the process. This website helps you find help. contact us to learn more

Bring to Market

Bring to Market helps you develop and implement strategies to commercialize the discoveries you uncover in the course of your research. contact us to learn more

Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology

CIMIT is a network of world-class academic and medical institutions partnering with industry and government. Our mission is to foster collaboration among clinicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation and catalyze the discovery, development, and implementation of innovative healthcare technologies. contact us to learn more

Clinical & Translational Science Institute

The BU-CTSI is a center of expertise providing tools, services and resources to clinical investigators, maximizing the impact of discoveries & speeding the translation of research into improved patient care. contact us to learn more

Professional development

How to communicate complex material to the general public

Scientists and academics have a responsibility to share the meaning and implications of their work. This requires knowing how to communicate complex material in clear, engaging ways that invite the public to the conversation. get tips from PHX’s Practically Speaking

Students collaborating on a project

Resources for students

idea hub Social Impact and Innovation Award

The Social Impact and Innovation Award provides a year-long mentored experience to translate promising ideas into impactful solutions to solve population health challenges. These ideas may include kick-starting a project, developing a public health intervention, or building a new non-profit or for-profit venture. Learn more about the Social Impact and Innovation Award RFA. Spring 2021. Please note, the award is under refinement and updates on the award will be made here.


Innovate@BU helps students become drivers of innovation in their own lives, careers, and communities. They work to nurture, grow, and amplify the innovation and entrepreneurial activities happening across the University. learn more

Activist Bucks

Knowing how to create a healthier world is not enough: that knowledge has to be turned into action. The Activist Lab provides micro-grants to support student projects that create change through action. learn more

BU Spark!

BU Spark! Is a technology incubator and experiential learning lab for student led computational and data driven projects at BU. They provide access to resources, knowledge, and expert networks to support student’s innovation journeys. learn more

Student Conference Travel Fund

The BUSPH Graduate Student Life Student Conference Travel Fund Program supports students so they may take advantage of learning through collaboration and presentation at regional, national, and international conferences. learn more

BU Arts Initiative

BU Arts Initiative offers research grants for graduate and undergraduate research, as well as grants to faculty, students, and staff for projects that directly engage students in the arts to encourage the continued development of an intellectual community around the arts and arts practice at BU and enhance our student-life experience. learn more

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